Register your XLA address and you will receive 35XLA by the end of the following month.

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Affiliate rewards!
10XLA present for the introducer! !
If you receive a referral, please enter the number of the referrer here.
10XLA will be distributed to each referrer.

Identity verification documents
(Front and back)
  • ・Driver's license / Health insurance card / passport(One of them)
  • ・Selfie

Photograph the identity verification document with a digital camera or smartphone and save it on your computer (smartphone). At that time, please select an image that clearly describes the contents. For identity verification documents, please take a picture so that the whole is included.

  • ※Image file format: JPG / JPEG / PNG
  • ※Image file size: 4.0MB or less per image
First page of passport
or the face of the ID card
Select files
Passport personal information
or the back of your ID
Select files
Select files